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FFXIV: Sexual Innuendo in Miqo'te's Character Creation

08/05/2010 上午

Final Fantasy XIV is set to release in September on PC. Players can now pre-order the collector's edition, which will cost more in Europe than in North America. The PS3 version will be released much later than the PC version, set to drop in March 2011, and there won't be Xbox 360 version. Of course, even with a lack of Xbox 360 release and the strange regional price changes, gamers still await this title with great anticipation. Today we are going to uncover Miqo'te's creation for you.

Do you notice that the designers have Miqo'te going commando? Besides these sexy tips, we find that the option selection is meager compared to Aion, Perfect World, and APB.

There is also a powerful breast size selector.

Full SizeFFXIV Hyuran Screenshot

Full SizeFFXIV Hyuran Screenshot

However, Square-Enix really does well with the emotion function.

Below are the hair colors and the haistyles of Miqo'te and female Hyuran.

Full SizeFFXIV Miqo'te Screenshot

FFXIV Miqo'te Screenshot

Hairstyle evolution from FFXI to FFXIV.
Full SizeFFXIV Miqo'te Screenshot

Hyuran Hairstyle

Full SizeFFXIV Hyuran Screenshot

Full SizeFFXIV Hyuran Screenshot

Full SizeFFXIV hair color

Full SizeFFXIV Hyuran Screenshot

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