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FFXIV Quest Guide- Patch 3.45 Animal Weapon (i260)

This is a FFXIV Patch 3.45 animal weapon overview. They add a new step to the animal weapon. This patch that will allow you to upgrade your weapon from item-level 242 to item-level 260. Any of the customized stats you had on the i-240 weapon will remain on the item level 260 version. This step is very similar to the hyper conductive step and as such it is a much easier stepped in the upright step and the original item level 210 step before the nerves. If you want to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil, SSEGold provides huge stock of FFXIV Gil with 24/7 live chat service and instant delivery!

In order to start the new animal epic quest, first make sure you have an item level 240 animal weapon and then with that weapon equipped go to artists here and as this law and accept the new quest future-proof. This quest will send you to idle shire where you will be told to collect a total of fifty singing clusters. This is all you have to do for the entirely of the upgrade from item-level 242 to 260. Now, singing clusters can be collected in three different ways that we know of currently for all we know. There could be more methods out there that can make the step even easier but I don’t really think it needs any more steps.


First of all, you can buy them for 150 Laura peace. Now, keep in mind if you are trying to make progress on the step before actually reaching this step. This is the only way to obtain singing clusters. Honestly, you are probably better off spending anymore. If you are on previous steps on the uprights, I don’t think many people will be future-proofing for this step as it is during the quest. You will also be introduced to two NPCs that each gives a repeatable quests that reward singing clusters. These are what you want to do. If you don’t want to spend any laurent the same clusters, but you can only do this quest once you’ve made it to the steps. Again, you can’t do thee ahead of time to start collecting singing clusters before you get to the step.

One of the repeatable quests ask you to do one expert roulette in exchange for one singing cluster. This quest can be done once per day. The other is a weekly quest that asks you to do three leveling relates in exchange for ten clusters. Now, keep in mind when doing the export or doing your leveling will let you do not need to do the job that you are doing your enema quest for. In order to get credit, so in terms of how much effort it takes to get all 50 singing clusters. If you combine the Lord that you get from doing leveling with a level 60 job and the export relax, you will do daily. It will take exactly two weeks to complete with just doing the rolex for their quest.

Let’s show the math behind that three leveling Roulettes a weeknight to 300 lore. If you are doing it on a level 60 job plus, you get the weekly question for tensing, and cluster will also do seven experts a week although. If you are lucky and you did these right before the reset this morning, you will actually get eight for the first week and finish the day early. So if you reduced but if you just do the seven, it is 980 lure for those seven experts plus the even cluster, you will get from completing the quest even times. So if we add that all up in one week, you will receive ten singing cluster from the weekly, seven from the dailies plus eight cluster from lawrence, you will have 1280 lure / 50. You will be able to buy a total of eight. So on one week you will learn 25 clusters, do that for two weeks and that’s 50 clusters heck even without spending any more, you can do it a little as 20 days. Well, 20 days. You will do three weekly quest that time, so that is 30 clusters plus 20 experts, 20 more clusters band. Having 50 clusters, you can even just do the weekly for five weeks and not spend any more. And it will just take you five weeks to get 10 clusters a week. And keep in mind this is excluding any lawyer. You may receive from doing the new palace of the Dead floors or doing Alexander for the week later . Any other source of lore that might be in the game.

If you are lucky, you had 2000 lower saved up before this patch even started. And you can buy 13 clusters right off the bat which is already over 1/4 of the quest on and that’s it. That’s all you have to do to move your item level from 240 to 260 on your animal weapon very similar to the hyper conductive step, but even easier than that step and this was kind of what I expected. I expect the next step, however, to be more akin to the one bright step.

Overall, it still sucks getting to an eye 240 weapon and the No.1 question is always going to be, is it worthy doing now?

It really is only worth doing if you really think you are gonna want this item whether it is for glamour or you just want to actually complete something in the game, because getting to 240 even with the nerves to o the i-210 step is still a very time-consuming aspect because of the one bright farm for the item level 240 weapon. I also do agree this step is very uninspired. I mean I don’t ever expect it to be inspired at this point with the animal weapon. It is just not the expectation I have. They have this for grinding and tone. You could earn really doing anything in the game, so that’s the idea behind home stones. It is that all you will always be making progress and that’s why they do it frequently. But we as human beings will usually take the step that does the least amount of time so that we can get it done faster. So it doesn’t end up working out that way in terms of how it affects us.