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FFXIV Pharos Sirius Guide 2017

The once-proud Pharos Sirius is twice dishonored--once by the Calamity, and now by the deadly siren of Umbra, who plots to hold the lighthouse as a personal stronghold with the aid of her minions. Silence her lunatic song, dispatch the usual suspects--ashkin and winged monstrosities--and reclaim the light of the civilized world.
FFXIV Pharos Sirius Guide
Players must be level 60 and must have completed the following:

Main Scenario Quest

Sirius Business
Why So Sirius
Things Are Getting Sirius

Dungeon Pharos Sirius (normal)

Arrive in the Fuel Chamber
Slay the Ghrah Luminary
Arrive in the Second Spire
Slay 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu
Arrive at Incubator 66
Secure Incubator 66

A Few Things Of Note:

You can kill one egg from each hatching.
Killing one egg gives Zu 8 stacks.
At 15 stacks Zu starts doing a flop attack that deals massive damage. 
The spotted eggs spawn the ranged adds, destroy that egg instead of the plain egg if you have a choice.