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FFXIV Patch The Legend Returns 4.1 Notes: Main Scenarios and Dungeon Preview

In anticipation of the release of Patch 4.1: The Legend Returns, FFXIV are pleased to present the special preview site featuring information regarding the main scenario, and much more.

Peruse screenshots of the upcoming Return to Ivalice alliance raid dungeon, developed in conjunction with Yasumi Matsuno and Keita Amemiya acting as  guest creators. You can also find new screenshots and details for the Drowned City of Skalla dungeon and the new housing area Shirogane! 

Main Scenario: The Legend Returns

FFXIV Patch The Legend Returns 4.1 Notes

The liberation of Ala Mhigo signals the end of an era of tyranny. Here, on the cusp of a new age of freedom, her people must decide how they will greet their future...and reconcile with their past. What path lies ahead for Lyse and her efforts to rebuild the nation? What choices plague Fordola from within her prison cell? And to where will Raubahn return, now that the dream for his homeland has at last become a reality?

The Drowned City of Skalla

The Drowned City of Skalla

Long ago, in the dawn of the Fifth Astral Era, the modest nation of Skalla was founded in the land of Gyr Abania. Over the span of several centuries, its people constructed a grand city of stone at the bottom of a steep-walled ravine, but even this natural defense could not protect Skalla from destruction during a terrible age of war. When the great flood of the Sixth Umbral Calamity later swept across the realm, the hollow ruins of the city were lost to sight, its remnants submerged beneath a raging sea.

Haunting the depths of what is now Loch Seld, Skalla's silent walls lure adventurers into the salt-laden waters with the promise of mysteries unsolved and treasures unclaimed. If you need to buy ff14 gil, I recommend you the best platform ssegold.com.