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FFXIV Patch 4.35 Notes: New Deep Dungeon And Hildibrand Quests

FFXIV Patch 4.35 will introduce some big content with a new Deep Dungeon “Heaven on High” as well as new quests from the Hildibrand Adventures.
FFXIV Patch 4.35 Notes

Deep Dungeon “Heaven on High”
The Deep Dungeon is a series of dungeons whose architecture is never quite the same as players work their way through its depths. All players start at level one and are required to defeat enemies in order to unlock the path to the next floor.

The first of the Deep Dungeon series in “Palace of the Dead” was introduced during the Heavensward expansion, and FFXIV’ll see the next part titled “Heaven on High” in Patch 4.35 when it launches on July 3, 2018.

Hildibrand Quests
The Hildibrand quests are a long line of quests that offer a few rewards, but are more about a comedic, little storyline that offer a bit of reprieve from the usual grinding and more stoic lore from the main questlines.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.35 is scheduled for Tuesday, July 3. 
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