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FFXIV Patch 3.55a allows you build relationships with Eorzea's NPCs

Yesterday Final Fantasy XIV deployed Patch 3.55a that brings a number of interesting content additions. One of the coolest is the ability for players to participate in "custom deliveries" that ultimately allow them to "build better relationships with the people of Eorzea".

For doing so, players will receive gil or red / blue crafters' or gatherers' scrips. The more deliveries completed for an NPC, the more trust is established and the higher the "satisfaction level" rises. More is always better and so it is with the rewards earned for making deliveries.

To find the right NPCs, players can look for a special map icon. Once speaking to them, they'll learn what items need to be delivered, up to six per week. Crafted, Gathered or Fish deliveries are available.

With each successful delivery, clients will come to trust you more, leading to assignments of greater importance. Satisfaction levels are displayed as a gauge atop the Custom Deliveries list. When the gauge is filled to the maximum, the client's satisfaction level will increase. Players will receive rewards upon increasing in satisfaction level, and have the opportunity to learn more about their clients.

In addition to the new Delivery System, players can look for the addition of the Proto Ultima battle that made its debut during the most recent FanFests.

A new Feast map has been added as well as Sudden Death and better item drops. The Feast is now in pre-season.

Read full notes here.

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