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FFXIV New Dungeons in StormBlood

Recently, the Stormblood expansion has been opened by Square Enix. Yoship-P and the team is running gameplay tests on the new dungeons releasing in Stormblood. There has been a long time no new dungeons released for FFXIV. It is predicted that new dungeons will be welcomed. Square Enix tasked Project Manager M to report on these tests and to grab some screen shot during the experience so players can enjoy some wonderful pictures of new dungeons in Stormblood in advanced. Let’s take a look at them!


Dungeon checks were conducted by the following members:
Project Manager M: White Mage
Everyone's Favorite "Rare Item Hunter" Hiroshi Takai : Dragoon
Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki: Paladin
Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida: Black Mage

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As we know, numerous battle systems will be introduced to Stormblood, together with the shift to role-based actions and a number of revisions to existing actions. As none of the other party members has explained the minute details beforehand, some changes will be adjusted to the course of the session.

Besides, Project Manager M announced that as she was so concentrated on battle during the game that she was not able to grab some screenshot of combat.

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Some tests are also applied to the extremely flashy new black magic spells. According to Yoshi-p, the new spell are quite flashy so that he will make some adjustments at the end.

Except for the new black mage spells, the cleric stance and euna has been tested, too.

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