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FFXIV New Bomb: 7 classes & 3 monsters

Final Fantasy XIV official site has once again been updated with loads of new information, artwork and screenshots about the crafting activities and monsters in the game, also more details about the vast realm of Eorzea. Here MMOsite would like to show you this new bomb with some brief introduction.

Final Fantasy XIV - New OST

First of all, 7 new classed are uncovered this time including Lancer, Archer, Blacksmith, Culinarian, Weaver, Tanner and Alchemist.

Lancer: Transformation Fighter

This two-handed lance fighter has great reach and specializes in stabbing from long range. It is also special in that is can change to slicing and bludgeoning attacks just by changing their weapons. Pikes used to be very popular in this world, thanks to the influence of the strength of the pikemen of Ala Mhigo, but now there are many different types in use. For example, throwing javelins have also come into use for long-range combat.

Archer: Strong Wind Attacker

This fighter focuses on using bow and arrows for attacking, and using this, they aim well and strike from afar. A strategic class, they must always choose the most advantageous positioning and the right type of arrow to aid them in battle. In Eorzea, the Elezen archer guards and Miqo’te traditional longbow hunters tend to belong to this job. There are also many that are good with stone throwing.


Crafter of Metal. You process iron to make tools and weapons. You also can start business anywhere, anytime by forging weapons. Their main tool is Cross-pain hammer.



Crafter of food. You can make people happy with your hearty food that has elements of fire or water. Their main tool is Skillets.

Culinarian (with knife)


Crafter of Fabric. A professional of clothes, who can do all the things from making thread, fabric and clothes. Their main tool used is needles.


Crafter of leather. You can make boots and belts by sewing up tanned leather. You also buy materials like skins, furs, and scaled hide from adventurers. The main item is head knives.


Crafter of rocks, spirits and sacred materials. You can change materials, and create medicine to cure people and poisons at the same time. Their main tool is alembic.

All the 5 producing professions above need prepare materials as well tools before producing. Materials can be got by hunt. Probably, you can have adventures as a lancer then you can change your weapon into a hammer then you can fix your own items.You’ll raise your character through experience.

Below are some new monsters and materials you can get from them.


The antelope are the swift-footed herbivores of the grasslands. The antelop have one stag who boasts long, slim horns and striped pelt, and is surrounded by a harem of females. They’re very careful, and adventurers will need to be cautious when hunting them alone. According to the Raimdelle Codex, there is a pattern to their tail movements, and it acts as communication between others in the herd.

Materials: stag horn and doe’s rough hide



Aldgoat are an ancient breed of goat that live in mountainous regions. Their excessive fat protects their vitals from predators. Both male and female aldgoats grow horns, but the males’ horns grow particularly large and can fetch a high price. They even appear in the Ishgardian myth, “Tales of Bridges,” as big eaters. It is said that if the top of a tall mountain is barren of grass and other plants, the other animals blame the aldgoat.

Materials: Aldgoat shoulder meat, aldgoat pelt


The two-legged sprinter of the forests, raptors hunt in pairs to hunt and surround their prey. They mainly hunt smaller animals, but have been known to attack humans when hungry. As such, requests for their extermination often appear in guildleves. Since their skin feels like silk, their scaly hides can be sold for high prices, and their poisonous claws can bring nice coin to any willing to take the risk to retrieve them.

Materials: Velociraptor’s claw, velociraptor’s leather

The hunt was a success! Let’s go to a market to sell items you got by hunting. Many adventurers visit markets to get materials for crafting. Things like meat, skin, horns, you sell today may be something different tomorrow!

A Day in the Life of a Chef

Crafters buy, make, and sell things and enrich the markets of Eorzea. Here is a day in the life of a chef. The point in FFXIV is what, when, and how many you produce items.

1. Buy materials
First, go to a “market” for shopping. You can buy pretty much anything, but if you go to side streets, you may meet adventurers like gatherers or fighters. You can communicate with them by negotiating discounts or making orders for things you want to get from them. You might find something totally unexpected.

2. Place for work
Then you have to think about where you want to produce things. If you use the facilities of the guild, you may cook constantly. However, it’d cost you a lot. On the other hand, if you cook in a camp, you may not be able to cook things with as high quality, but there’d be less food to waste. So you have to think about where and what you cook. Research a lot! Get info from your friends.

3. Select tools
It’s also important which tools you use when cooking. Even if you use the same materials, the tools you use will totally change the result. You should research this, too.

Material and fire, element choice

4. Materials and its elements
Once you decide which meal you want to cook, you need to consume some crystals which have certain kinds of elements. If it’s your first time, you have to guess the amounts. From then on, the amount of materials will be written in recipes.

5. Selling items
You have to choose price depending on materials, worth, and its demand. The price shouldn’t be too expensive since it may not be sold.