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FFXIV Memories of Eorzea Screenshot Contest

Every FFXIV player,
Good news!

There is a contest held for memories of Eorzea Screenshot. If you have played FFXIV, you must have your memories of Eorzea. Then this is a good chance to set upon your adventure to Ishgard and the skies. You can go to the unknown parts of the journey, like leaving of familiar lands, transformation and growth which are awaiting for you! Some of the lots of endeavors are shining light on the Ascians hiding in the shadows, putting a halt to Gaius’s treacherous plot and uncovering the truth behind Bahamut.

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It is time to remind of which aspects of A Realm Reborn are the most vivid and strongest in your memories. And share a screen shot of one of the most memorable part this era with the community Team and you have chance to win some fabulous in-game rewards, like a framed version of it sighed by Yoshi-P, three in-game items of your choice, etc.

The Contest is only open to existing holders of an active European Square Enix Account (“Service Account”) on 7 May 2015 10:00 (GMT) who are resident in a PAL Territory Country*. Contestants who are residents of France or Spain should refer to the Additional Specific Provisions under these Rules relevant to their country of residence.

Entry Requirements

All contestants must have an active Service Account and get access to a working internet connection and web browser to make sure the stable enter to this contest. And if you join this contest, you have to undertake all the connection fees referred to internet connection and subscription fees referred to registration for the Service Account. And you should make sure the contact information is correct when registering for the Service Account, during and after submission of the Entry. For the contestants, you must accept the privacy policy and cookies policy.

There will be 33 winners from each forum language (French/English/German) which means the total number is 99.  The prize is one in-game item of your choice from Ahriman Choker, Bluebird Earring or Mandragora Choker.