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FFXIV level 7 main story quest guide

Many players said it was too difficult to complete main story quest after level 7. As when they were going to beat Masters boss, they died quite soon. Then I want to explain how to complete main story quest. It is not so hard as your imagination.

Firstly, follow the plot of main quest on map to find NPC, and right click mouse to enter.

Then, enter the FB and watch over the whole story plot, then we help NPC to defeat enemies.

After defeating enemies, we will be brought to kill another Masters by following the story plot. The difficult is that when you are busy killing the masters, the master behind you will kill you, which makes you fail the whole quest

I want to say that be patient at this time! You should drag the little monster far away from the Master, and kill it. When NPC appears, you can defeat the master with the NPC.


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