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FFXIV Lancer Leveling Guide Part 1

Are you still a newbie of FFXIV Lancer? This guide is defintely useful for you as you can learn how to upgrade all the way up to full levels from Lancer beginner.

First of all, go to work ASAP skewering your hunting log! If you are a low level character, you can do hunting logs and join in FATEs that suits for your level to get the most efficient EXP. For Lancers, at the first few levels, you can gain EXP by doing levequests in the Vannock. Complete as many FATEs as you can!

If available, please feel free to use some cross-class skills Bloodbath (MRD 8), Protect (CNJ 8), Second Wind (PGL 8). These cross-class skills allow you to tackle enemies you have no business bing up against. Also, they can prevent dealths which are the main cause of leveling downtime.

Level 4 skill reminder – Vorpal Thrust: Your first COMBO attack which is from True Thrust. Get used to the concept of combos and how they work. You’ll be doing it a lot. You can buy cheap FFXIV Gil from SSEGOLD!

Level 8 skill reminder – Impulse Drive: (FOR THE MORE EXPERIENCED PLAYERS) ID gives a bonus of +10 average potency versus TT+VT combo. However, I don’t suggest you try it since they removed the back attack off ID and it is quite boring.

Just try above methods till you reach level 10. Finish all the hunting logs in this tire and you can get your first unallocated attribute points. Before you go, check the Lancer guildmaster every 5 levels. Don’t miss out your class quests. Try to check in every 5 levels for the remainning leveling progress.

Level 10 skill reminder – Leg Sweep: Your first OFF GCD attack which is used to boost your damage. However, keep in mind you can save it to STUN and CANCEL annoying monster attacks.

Lancer Level 10 to 16

At this stage, you should try Guildhests. Travel to almost any nearby town and unlock it! Guildhests gives a fair amount of EXP bonus on any class. While Inlocked is the abilty to queue up for Daily Roulette.

Make your way to Aleport in Western La Noscea where you can level up around this range as there are lots of players and FATEs here. Or you can do some Levequests in Aleport. Grind in this map until reach level 16.

Level 12 skill reminder – Heavy Thrust: Gives a +DMG buff that is VERY SIGNIFICANT. Always keep this up even if you do not hit from flank! You can change your opener to ‘Approach enemy and flank attack them with Heavy Thrust”

Dungeons as LNC: if you have done too much damage for low level tanks to keep aggro, you can do some cross-clss DoT to spread out the damage. Don’t be too harsh on low level tanks.

Skill reminder level 18 – Life Surge: A welcome cooldown for soloing and otherwise. An ensured crit with lifesteal! Use it on your strongest attacks (Vorpal Thrust for now) to keep your life up. Do not forget its damage potential either.

Now, you are at level 20. Complete all the hunting logs. And you can go to Bentbranch Meadows at East Shourd and Camp Drybone at Easter Thanalan which are level 16 areas. Make sure you have completed all LNC class quests and then head to your Guildmaster. Place all unspent stat points in STR!

Later I will update this guide for full level!