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FFXIV Heavnsward Beginners Guide for Tank

If you are a new player to playing Tank in FFXIV, this guide is definitely useful for you. This guide is to give some tips for tanking in FFXIV.

Please remember that if you're a healer or dps, going to a market board to upgrade gear, isn't the best idea, you can rely heavily on the main story quest to gear you up. And often, NPC vendors sell some gear cheaper than the MB.

Tanks are the exception, since it's good to have HQ armour, making it easier on your healer, so they can also dps on the side.

Secondly. As a tank, if its your first class, it might be smart to look up the dungeons, as tanks are the default leaders in dungeons. They are expected to know the dungeon. They have to be the first ones to touch the mobs for aggro/hate/enmity reasons. They manage the pace of the group. They have to deal with trigger-happy dps, and make sure all the mobs are glued to them at all times, so the group stays alive. The healer can't do much, if the tank is not flashing/overthrowing the mobs. A dead healer is a dead group. Same goes if the tank dies. Group is dead.

Being a tank is a lot of responsibility, and sadly, when rookie tanks come into dungeons- sometimes they don't say they're new, or sometimes, they get grouped with a bunch of stinkers, who will give the tank a HARD TIME. I would NOT start as a tank, most particularly Marauder. There is nothing in that quest line that prepares you for what your role is expected to do in an instance. Yes, the queue times are shorter, but this game can be tough on tanks, particularly in the low levels when you don't have great gear or the hate holding skills of a higher level, and if you don't level Gladiator a little you won't have access to Flash, which is hugely beneficial to tanks. But if you do decide to roll a tank, for the love of God, please do the Hall of the Novice at level 15 before you enter Sastasha, both for the gear and the tutorial on what you'll be expected to do in an instance. If you want to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil, you can go to SSEGold to buy FFXIV Gil with instant delivery!

So please, if you're taking a tank as your first job, here are some tips.
-Ask a friend about the dungeon, if there are any things you need to look out for.
-Don't stay in aoe's. Not all low lvl healers have esuna for that poison/paralyze.
-Learn about cross class abilities. This means you lvl two or more jobs, then get to take some abilities over from one, to your main, for survival. Getting an extra defense ability, or hate-managing ability, can save you and your group.
-Be honest with your group. In the lower lvl dungeons, a lot of people will be understanding when people are honest about inexperience, and communicate. Don't be too proud to say "I'm new, and have not done this before." This also lets the healer know to focus on keeping people alive instead of dps'ing.

Anyway, this is very long. Tanking is really, really fun. But as someone who tried tanking(as a third class), and got all the points above so wrong(except being honest that I was new to it), and thus had the group rain complaints and nasty comments, it can get very discouraging. I know some people quit for a bit because of it.

Either way, if your concern is wait time, then I'd worry less about class and more about data center. I used to play on Aether data center, but switched to Primal, and now my wait times, even as DPS, is around 5-10 minutes max. It used to be 30-45 on Aether. I've even gotten the occasional instant pop when queuing as a DPS. 

Be safe now, and may you walk in the light of the crystal.

Hope these tips can be helpful for you tanking job.