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FFXIV Heavensward Guide

As we all know, FFXIV Heavensward is now available. Many players order this update for better game play. This is a guide to explain some common questions that are frequently asked by players.

#1 Do I need the absolute best gear for Heavensward ?

No, Main Scenario content is not so difficult. But you need to help your party and try to avoid wearing gear which is under the level requirement of the content, even if the set technically gets you in the door.

Pay more attention to your gear if you are a healer or a tank, as you need to catch up with the higher geared players of your party. If you mean to do the Binding Coil of Bahamut before 3.0, especially the second Coil or above, you need strive toward top-end gear which meets or exceeds the requirements, regardless of the upcoming expansion. Shiva Extreme has a minimum of i95, and more will help.

#2 What gear should I focus on?

The most important is your weapon. Then is your left side armor and your accessories. In order to get through the Main Scenario, any combination of dungeon gear, crafted gear and gear bought with Tomestones will do for armor and accessories. If you find it really hard to get good weapon, you can buy FFXIV Gil and then buy a weapon for you.

#3 Will all the gear be obsolete when the level cap is raised?

By far, I am not sure about how this will work yet. But the general idea seems to be not at level 51 and yes at level 60. This means gear obtained should help you level from 50-60 at the very least.

#4 How to choose weapons?

If you don’t have at least an i80/i90 weapon, you need to grab something in the i55-i70 range as a placeholder and complete the quest A Relic Reborn arc for the i80 relic. And use your FFXIV Gil to buy 3 Thainivarian Mist with Soldiery tomes and upgrade it at Gerolt’s forge to the i90 Zenith relic. And you can get a weapon from this for dungeons, Crystal Tower and main scenario. You may exchange this with a high level weapon as time resources and chance permit.

If you have at least an i80/i90 weapon, you can go straight to save up for an Ironworks weapon with i120, 1300 poetics and an Encrypted Allagan Tomestone rewarded from completing the quest Weekly Crystal Tower which can be upgraded to i130 with Carbontwine from the same or from Hunt seals or mark logs. If you only want to get through the main story, it is not so necessary to do this. Nevertheless, it will out you in the best position to any of the rest of the 2.0 content without relying on the expensive crafting or random drops.

For off classes, if you don't have three-odd weeks to save Poetics, you can use the i100 soldiery weapon. If you are coming back from a break and own a Zodiac Relic in progress, just use this instead.