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FFXIV Heavensward Guide: The Weeping City of Mhach Raid

This is my guide to the Weeping City of Mhach Raid, the second 24-man raid in the shadows of mock storyline.

To unlock this dungeon, you must first complete the boy dark before accepting the quest- the Weeping City from stacia in the ea of clouds. Raid rewards item-level 230 gear as well as one maki penny upon completion. You can only obtain one penny and one piece of gear for weekly lockout. This raid contains several trash polls as well as four bosses.To skip to a specific part of the raid, please use the annotations in the top left hand of the video.

Upon entering the Weeping City, the group will have to kill several crocodile enemies, a few groups of bein lights and spiders. It is pretty straightforward just note that the poison puddles left behind by the spiders you should stand in. Get pass these mobs to go to the first boss - Arachne Eve. Arachne Eve is a fight that requires split focus from the raid group. But it is otherwise an easy fight. At the start of the fight, Arachne will simple use a tank buster and some Mayo. You should avoid. If you are marked with a red maker, stand away from other players but near the edge of the arena. It will drop a little webbing, which doesn’t really matter at this point in the fight. But it will do damage over time to you if you stand in it. When she goes underground, get to the edge of the arena and be prepared to dodge the AOE donuts as they come out. When the glowing distance radical appears, get far away from it. She will also tether people together like the second boss avoid dark. So be ready to free these players by running into the slime lines between them. At about 88%, Arachne will pull the raid group up on top of her web and begin casting implosion over and over again. Be sure to avoid stepping on the more wedding like ground, as it lows and places a DoT on you. You will want to have two alliances up here. Killing ads and body blocking the purple orbs as they float towards her. If a purple or breaches the middle, it will give her a stacking damage buff. So you really want to avoid that. Upon killing a spitting spider, it will burn a temporary holy hole through the web, which allows the players to return to the ground level design one alliance the drop down and kill three key knots to break the upper wedding. If you want, you can also send more DPS down there as well to kill the key knots faster as the phase progresses. Once this is done, Arachne will lose about 80% HP and drop down. At this point, she pretty much repeats phase one with a few new attacks. One is a split damage away that people just need to stack up for. The other is a feared which you need to look away from to avoid being feared. The final new attacks he is a reckoning go underground and gradually try to suck people to the middle of the room before emerging for massive damage. You can avoid being pulled into the middle of the room by standing on that web ground that she shoots at the three make players that I mentioned from before. Around 30%, you bring people up to the top of the web again, this is almost identical to the first time she did it, except she summons a large ether or that needs to be killed occasionally. Same as with the little ones, if it reaches the middle, it is going to greatly empower the damage implosion deals by a lot more than a little orbs. Skittering spiders now pawn as well. I can also web people from the bottom back up to the top. So if you get this mark above your head, be sure not to stand next to other players. So only you get pulled up! Pretty much the same as the first time, otherwise after this, he will return to the arena and finish the fight normally.

The second set of trash didn’t seem to do anything too special. The Maquis ghost cast dark and a cone and there are some annoying enemies. Clear through a couple of packs of enemies to reach the second boss.

The second boss is for gall. This is where the fun starts. He has a lot of instant kill moves, so make sure to explain everything thoroughly to your raid group. In phase 1, for call will occasionally summon zombie adds that explode in a large AOE when they spawn. Avoid these a way for now. But for later, you will need to know that they apply a debuff called gradual zombificaiton. If you get hit by just one green AOE, the debuff just acts as a warning saying “Don’t get hit by another one”. If you do get hit by two green AOEs, or one after you have already been afflicted with gradual zombificaiton, you will be charmed and begin attacking your allies. These green AOEs can also spawn on top of other players who have gradually zombification or from green poison clouds, which will blow up far faster when the AOE is actually appear. For goal, also some in several small circle Louie that players must stand in to reduce the damage is punishing ray attack. This is happened in a lot of the 24-man raid. So it shouldn’t be new to anybody. Brand of the Fallen simple requires all the marked players to stack up, which we usually just do behind the boss. If you don’t share the damage among each other or just have more than one person hit by the attack, you will be turned into a frog. He usually marks an entire alliance with this attack all at once. The final thing to watch out for in this first phase is the dark flame, which causes several fire AOE spawn under anyone withe a red marker over their head. Do this gradually for a few seconds. After some more zombie ads and explosions, the boss will enter his ad phase and summon a succubus, a dock and a hug NT.

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