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FFXIV Heavensward Gear Progression Guide Level 60 (iLevel 150 to 270)

This is a guide for FFXIV Heavensward Gear Progression Level 60 (iLevel 150 to 270). Gear progression is so important in FFXIV that many players are committed to leveling high levels gear. If you want to buy weapons or gear for your character, you can Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil from ssegold then buy them from in game market, or you can purchase weapons from our website directly.

When you reach level 60 endgame content, now if you haven’t beaten the 30 chemical reasearch facility, that’s pretty much the first up on your list. This opens up at ilevel 142. If you don’t have millions of FFXIV Gil to throw at ilevel 250 gear from the market, this is a guide that is goting to walk you through how you can gear up and acquire various different pieces of start. Let’s go and pick up a couple of normal pieces of gear from the repository node found in annex trying. You can there using the 8 th right helix. Now the repository is going to sell all kinds of just normal gear and it is all leveled at i150. Buying various pieces of weapons and armor should easily get you over the 142 requirement. And it is not so expensive so unless you are completely strapped for cash. You should be able to jump right in right away. Of course, you can always check the market boards for these types of weapons and armor. But I suspect it might be at a highly up price. This will be a valuable resource. Feel free to relist them and make that money yourself.

Now you are ready for the 8th 30 chemical research facility. This dungeon doesn’t drop any gear but it does reward you with a hundred and fifty lower tones and ten tomes of scripture. We are going to dive more into the tones here in a little bit essentially. You are going to be farming this currency to buy both 230 gear and 260 gear. You 230 gear and 260 gear are both upgradeable to 240 and 270 respectively. But it is also a matter of utilizing the various other drops in this game to gear up as quickly as possible. As you are playing this game and as you are running these dungeons for the first time, you are going to end up getting first time bonus rewards towards that number so it is very easy and very handy to get at least a lot of tomes very early on. Plus, any players that are playing with you are also going to get that bonus, so it is a win-win situation.

Then we talk about tomestones and the type of gear that we can acquire with them and do a little bit of math to talk about how much of each that you are going to need. Now to start the tomestones of lore will let you acquire i230 gear which you can upgrade to i240 gear. Then tomestones of scripture will allow you to acquire i260 gear and then you can upgrade that gear to i270. You can also acquire a high level gear by running the savage version of the Alex raid. For you body and your legs, those are going to run you 825 tomestones. Each your head hands and feet are going to run you for 95 each your belt and accessories 375 each. This is going to give a grand total for your left side gear at 30 510 and your right side accessories 1875. This is going to bring up your grand total to 5385 needed to fully gear out your character. This does not matter whether it is lower or scripture as the numbers and calculations are the same for each.

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