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FFXIV Heavensward 3.0 Dark Knight Best-in-slot gear guide

This guide is not to recommend buying the whole all tanks should DPS or best-in-slot. Which gear do you need to buy depends on your group, level and personal preference. If you want to buy FFXIV Gil, SSEGold provides huge stock of cheap FFXIV Gil with instant delivery and professional guide! If you have enough FFXIV gils, jut buy weapons and gear for you!

As melted right side is so strong for tanks, tank gear should be considered as two separate entities. The left side is armor and the right side is accessory. Though there are thousands of ways to set up the right side, the left is pretty much set in stone given your goals.

Dark Knight Accessories: Choices & Melding

Considering crafted right as BiS for tanks is 100% legit…


You can put DET, SS or ACC in your free slot.

As you know, melded accessories have the highest overall power level, but not so strong as a slaying one. Fending accessory can be more tanky than melded one. So you can wear crafted from A1S to A4S.

DRK BiS Discussion, Notes & Options


It is greedy to make pure slaying right side. However, if you join in a competent team, it is possible to replace them with crafted.

1.Fabled Ring of Slaying is of good accuracy
2.Fabled Wristband of Slaying just go for crafted and is not suggested buying.

The key part of this set are the A3S legs. It is not worthy to waste eso on poor filler.

Tanking / Parry DRK Set

Legs & Head – They are interchangeable. We use Chaos Head and Chaos Leg based on above tanking list. This can be changed for Gordian Head or Leg. If you get one of the Gordian pieces in the early stage, shoot for the Gordian counterpart as well. They may save you more than 1K ESO just with a small .

Chaos Cuirass is a massive increase in Armor, Parry, MRes, HP, etc. Normally, it is a huge part of your defensive game. It is common for tanks to choose to Gobtwine and you should be one of them,

3.0 Dark Knight Esoterics Buy Order

DPS Dark Knight

Weapon: It is no question you should buy Deathbringer firstly for DPS DRK’s.
Chaos Helm: You can buy this plus save A3 pages for Legs.
Chaos Boots
Fabled Belt
Fabled Necklace, Ring (Any Order)
There are also something optional for your buying. If you want to help your raid group, you can buy chest. It is easy to get with very few pieces needed. If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, buy On belt sooner right now.

PARRY / EHP Dark Knight

Chest: Get these first and Gobtwine it if you can!
Legs: it is optional if you have the A3S legs.
Weapon: You can buy this at any point during 1-3.
Fabled Necklace, Ring (Any Order)
Everything else is optional, and NON-BiS