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FFXIV Heaven-on-High Guide: help both newcomers and current challengers understand the various

FFXIV Heaven-on-High guide will attempt to help both newcomers and current challengers understand the various, unique mechanics of the dungeon by breaking down each section into digestible parts.
FFXIV Heaven-on-High Guide

Heaven-on-High requires at least Disciple of War/Magic at Level 61 and the completion of the Main Story Quest, Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out. 

Players must also have completed Floor 50 of Palace of the Dead. A new quest, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, will be available in the Ruby Sea. Following this quest will unlock Heaven-on-High as well as further quests that expands upon the Heaven-on-High and its story.

Progressing past Floor 30 requires a fixed party. Furthermore, wiping on any floor above Floor 31 will lock the save-file, meaning the party won’t be able to re-enter through that save and must restart completely.

Every instance also has a time limit of 60 minutes, meaning you have an hour to get through 10 floors. This may seem generous, many early runs rarely take more than 30 minutes, but the higher floorsets will quickly test how fast and efficiently parties can get through. 

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