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FFXIV Guide: The Best way to get alots alots of FFXIV Fieldcraft Demimateria III

A crystallized mass of residual spiritbond energies transferred to a tool by its maker during the crafting process.Was wondering what is the best way to get alots of Fieldcraft Demimateria III has of now ?

1. Check your market boards prices. 
The prices should be dictated by the chance people have at desynth'ing bridesmaids and bestmans gear. Some lucky people might get more than the average and lower the prices a bit. But overall, the prices should be on par with the amount of money you have to throw away at a NPC to desynth yourself and get your own demimaterias (at least it's like that on Cerberus, demimaterias fluctuating between 40 to 50k).

So, if the prices are right, I'd say it's your call to either throw some gils out of the economy and go for the desynth youself, or buy at the market boards.

2. Get leatherworker to 30 and level up Desynth on it and then get the bridesmaids/bestmans stuff like Vega said. 
Depending on your server it might not even be worth it though with how those prices are dropping currently since its basically all RNG so you could spend like 300k and at current Behemoth prices (50k last time I checked) you would need to get 6 and not have the prices drop further to even make your money back and theres always a chance you don't get any.

If you only need Fieldcraft then Sandals or glasses, otherwise do i180 stuff you get glass fibers as well two birds one stone! Also the hard hippogryph leathers you get from sandals you can use them to quick synth gryphoskin shoulder guards which have chance to give FC3 as well, makes up alt for the losses.

3. For reference, right now Fieldcraft IIIs go for about 37k on my server, meaning you get about 6 chances to break even with the shoes. Even if you buy mats to make the Elegant Rimless glasses, you get about 9 chances to get a Fieldcraft III before you've spent more than the market value of the Demimateria itself.