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FFXIV Goldsmith Guide 2017: level 1 to 70

Goldsmith is a crafting or disciples of hand class that uses metals and gems to create accessories such as rings, earrings and necklaces. Goldsmith is reliant on miners for ores and gemstones. Want to know how to upgrade ffxiv goldsmith?

There are three kinds of leves:
Triple Turn-in. These give the lowest amount of exp when viewing them on the list of leves, but you can complete them three times per leve allowance. However, so many crafted items requires a lot of materials and a lot of shards. While they're the most efficient exp-per-leve, imo they're not the most efficient for your time. Using courier leves can give you nearly triple the amount of experience per minute you spend crafting!

Courier. These give the highest amount of exp when viewing them on the list of leves. However, you must teleport around in order to complete them. While this can be annoying, imo its worth the increased exp-per-leve over constancy leves, since courier leves have approximately 20-40% more exp. You'll use ~10 per 5 levels instead of ~15 per 5 levels. If you haven't unlocked the battle leves at a destination (e.g. Quarrymill), you cannot pick up crafting leves that deliver to Quarrymill.

Constancy (Town, Field). These give the middle amount of exp when vieweing them on the list of leves. They provide the worst maximum exp-per-leve, but the turn-in location is right next to, or very close to the Levemete. "Town" and "Field" indicate where the Levemete is: in the big cities or in the smaller camps. I don't recommend these, simply because the exp difference from courier to constancy is so big.

Goldsmith Class Quest Item Reference:
GSM 01: Copper Ingot
GSM 05: 3x Copper Gorget
GSM 10: 12x Copper Rings
GSM 15: Fang Earring & Brass Gorget
GSM 20: Staghorn Staff (Materia Enhanced)
GSM 25: (HQ) Silver Ingot
GSM 30: (HQ) Malachite Earrings
GSM 35: (HQ) Fire Brand
GSM 40: (HQ) Horn Staff
GSM 45: (All HQ) Electrum Circlet (Zircon, Amber, Spinel)
GSM 50: (HQ) Black Pearl Ring (Melded with: Piety III Materia)

It’s time to farm Scrips! You need A LOT of red scrips for the Master V crafting books. Get on it now. The yellow scrip weapon is actually not bad, you can opt to get that too.