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FFXIV Gils making Guide

I have played FFXIV for about a year and I can make 5 millions of FFXIV Gils every week. I have 50 Gathering and Crafting Classes and I know the market in Final Fantasy XIV very much. This guide is introduces some easy ways to make FFXIV Gils.

Sell Things on the Market

The most common way to make FFXIV Gil is to sell things on the market. You should know the market price to maximize your profits.


It is obvious that assimilating materials is a good way to make FFXIV Gil. Materials can be sold from 1000 to 500,000 FFXIV Gils. Even more, there is a materila called Desynthisization’s Deminmaterial which costs 3000-7000 FFXIV Gils. If you can get some components from Desynthisizaiton, you can get more.

Crafting and Gathering

It is easily to level Crafting to level 50 if you are skilled players, and then you can earn millions of FFXIV Gils. I listed a list of high demand items for reference.

Rings: Lower level rings can be found in vendors, you need to buy two of them for spirit bonding and assimilating them. Some new players don’t know vendors have rings but every players needs two. Therefore, you can buy from vendors and sell them. If you level your crafting, you can get some jewelry. For the jewelry above 20, it is needed by Crafters in huge demand.

Leveling Gear: Crafting gear can be more expensive sometimes than buying from vendors.

Vanity Gear: as I wrote above, farming materials can earn FFXIV gils. If you get Taffeta, you can sell if for 50K. Coeurl is newish and can be sold for 100-150 K. Some newly released items may be sold for over 300K.

Crafting Materials: Don't mind tedious tasks? Have some good movies to watch? Try gathering or farming groups of creatures
Item Name
Item Vendor CostItem Market Price
Coral Ring349   4000
Undyed Velveteen169800
Linen Yarn186600

Reselling Items on the Market from Vendors

As I said before, items bought from Vendors are quite cheap. If you can buy from them and resell them at market price, it is really a profitable method to make fast FFXIV Gils.

Some high demand items include Crafting Materials, Rings, Vanity Gear and so on. I listed a simple list of the price from Vendor and market.