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FFXIV Gil Will Be Greatly Needed in Heavensward

Ssegold, as a professional mmos game gold selling online store, has sold FFXIV Gil from the releasing of FFXIV. We often give discount on weekends, holidays and FFXIV activities date. With the coming Heavensward getting closer and closer, we have to remind that FFXIV Gil will be highly needed in Heavensward, and we strongly recommended store huge stock of FFXIV Gil in case of inflation of price.

Heavesward is one of the largest update from Final Fantasy XIV Ver1.0. There will be new and great dungeons, new characters, new NPCs and full level upgrading, etc. With all these update, definitely you have to use more FFXIV Gil, so why not buy millions of gil?

When Heavensward starts, you will see a new scene. The upper level raises to 60. And new crafting equipment is coming. If you mean to buy crafting equipment from the Market Board to farm new dungeons in Heavensward, a great stock of Gil is needed. Or you want to make crafting equipment by yourself, then you need to buy materials in Ver2.0 and upgrade crafting class, which you need to buy FFXIV Gil, too.

As we all know, Au Ra is quite popular for choosing race among FFXIV fans. Many player choose Au Ra as the first class, and almost every player chooses it as one of the class if they choose multiply classes to play. If you really like Au Ra, you may also like Astrologian, Dark Knight and Machinist! When you level this job, you also need millions of Gil.

If you have played FFXIV for a few weeks, you must know that if you want to complete some Duties, you have to equip some gears which you need to purchase with FFXIV, too. As for the reason to complete Duties, the rewards are much more gorgeous than normal quests. Many players level up by completing Duties, which is much more efficient than completing quests and killing monsters.

Okay, then I have written so many reasons that you should buy FFXIV Gil before Heavensward, if you really want to buy, why not purchase right now?

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