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FFXIV Gil Farming Guide in Heavensward

Firstly, you must know some basic ways to Farm FFXIV Gil. No matter whatever you do in the game, you can earn gils, though most of activities are not so profitable to just grind at. Then you can consider to sell items to other players. You need to know market, which items are in demand so that you can sell them for high price.

Besides, you can make money from Dungeons, quests, quest rewards and challenge log. Go along with the main story scenario, and you can easily get 300,000 gil when reaching level 50.

Of course, you can buy FFXIV Gil from SSEGold which is a trust-worthy online mmo game gold selling store with 10 years of history. Or you can go to some dungeons that are far below you level or cash in on the treasure chests is another viable way of earning coin, along with just outright nearly soloing a lot of content. If possible, gather some some players to go to difficult dungeons which can give you decent rewards.

In FFXIV, I think the best way to get FFXIV Gil is either acquiring loot to sell on the market, or gathering from the beginning. When you grind enemies and quests for a bit, you can just find a no-bound item and sell it for 10 to 20 gil.

The items that you get out from dungeons can sell well along with any crafted gear for the new Heavensard job classes. It is most likely to be a crafter you can easily gain gils in the 3.0 content.

At any point, you can find items which are needed for the new content, then gather or crafting to create some items which are the best source of income.

Last but not the least, you can use converting to make FFXIV Gil. Spiritbind gear to yourself to 100% then convert it for the material, then sell the material on the market. Coeurl for IV series can sell for 5,000 gil.

Looking at materia prices on my server, Coeurl, for IV series is around 5,000 gil. 3k to 10k is reasonable for the various types. If you get a V series, you're looking at millions of gil right now, and surely some rather high prices throughout the game. I'm seeing almost none available and the few that are around 7 to 10 million.

At last, I hope this guide can help you know how to start to earn gils.