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FFXIV Gil Farming Guide for Heavensward

FFXIV Heavensward is quite interesting since it released. This guide is to introduce some ways for FFXIV Gil farming in Heavensward. I want to show same basic ways and complicated methods which can help players get a great deal of FFXIV Gil with a few days.

Basic Ways to Farm Gil

Firstly, I suggest you farm FFXIV Gil from a plethora of source, each of which can give you a variety of income. The challenge log, dungeons, quests and allegan pieces rewarded from completing quests are quite profitable ways of FFXIV Gil farming. Also, you can buy FFXIV Gil from some online store to get good armor and weapon so that you can defeat bosses fast and completing quests quickly, which is more time-saving and efficient. When you completing the main story scenario, you can easily get 300,0000 FFXIV Gils or more at level 50.

It is quite good as everything you do in FFXIV can help you earn FFXIV Gils, but most of the activities are not so profitable to grind at. You can sell some rare items for FFXIV Gils, too.

Another viable way of farming FFXIV Gil is to go to dungeons which are far below your level and cash in on the treasure chest. Along with this way, you can also solo a great deal of content. Some of the harder to queue for dungeons is quite attractive for you to make FFXIV Gils now and also you can sell “carry run” at early level content for a nice amount of FFXIV Gils

In FFXIV, the best way to get gil is through getting loot to sell on the market, or gathering what are profitable at level 1 for shards and crafting which players eager for crafted gear. You can also find a non-bound item which can be sold for 10-20K Gil easily whichever level you are at.

Selling items is a good idea, for instance, you can sell items out of dungeons along with some crafted gear for the new Heavensward job classes. With the updated 3.0 content, you can also stay as a crafter to get more gil.


The staple of everything in game is to convert. Spiritbind gear to yourself to 100% and then convert it for materials, and sell them on the market. Take Coeurl as example, it can be sold for 5000 FFXIV Gil or so. If you are lucky to get a V series, it is easily to be sold to get millions of FFXIV Gils. Savage Might IV is worthy of 15,000 gils. For crafters, they can craft a full set of gear to spirtbind and then sell the associated gear.

Hope these means can be suitable for you. I will keep updating guides for FFXIV. You can buy Cheap FFXIV Gil from SSEGold for the lowest price.