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FFXIV Gardening Blood Pepper Guide:How to be more effective

A deep red variety of dragon pepper so hot it is widely believed by Far Eastern cultures to drive away malignant spirits.

Miscellaneous Acquisition
 • Received from growing Blood Pepper Seeds which are cross-bred from Chives and Glazenuts.
To get Blood Pepper seeds, you need to crossbreed two things: glazenut and chives. Both of these things also need to be crossbred, so I'l break it down. 
FFXIV Gardening
Estimated Items Required:
* x8 Chive Seeds
* x8 Glazenut Seeds
* x16 Dzemael Tomato Seeds
* x8 Dalamud Popoto Set
* x8 Old World Fig Seeds
* x8 Prickly Pineapple Seeds
* x8 Midland Cabbage Seeds
* x64 Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoils
* Fishmeal
NOTE: You might want more items, depending on your breeds results. And if you are in need of FFXIV Gil, you can also get it quickly at SSEGold.

Estimated Completion Time:
* 23 Days, Might occur more time, depends on the breeds results.

First: Glazenut
Prickly Pineapple Seeds (harvest 9am Costa Del Sol slot 1) and Old World Fig (harvest Dravanian Forelands 2am/pm slot 1)
Next, you need to make Dalamud Popotos. 
Dzemael Tomato (harvest East la Noscea 1pm slot 1) and Midland Cabbage (North Shroud). 
Then, you need to make Chives. 
Dzemael Tomato and Dalamud Popotos. 
Finally, crossbreed Chives and those Glazenuts you held on to to get your blood peppers! 
Make sure to ALWAYS use Grade 3 Thanalan soil and plant eight seeds in an alternating pattern for best results like so: 
1 2 1
2 x 2
1 2 1