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FFXIV FQA Guide Part 5

I have written several articles about FFXIV, this article is mainly to talk about FFXIV free company and give solutions to solve them.


 I had never played an MMO before. I have always sworn off them, because I knew it would ignite my video game addiction. Played almost all the other ff's though. So when I first played this, I was like "WTF is a tank?"....lol... If it wasn't for the awesome elitists in this game, it would have taken me much longer to learn the ropes. I am so grateful for the nice ones who stopped and were willing to help.

I'm still lvl 50, ilvl 130ish...haven't even touched heavensward. But...because of the ones who took time to help me, I try to do the same with those who need it.

How do I find friends and good FC's? I'm honestly jealous of all the love and friendship happening in this game. I crave it so much, but I'm too shy and insecure with my skills...even though I know I don't really suck.

The Times I managed to do buddy-runs n stuff, I get so excited that I do end up sucking...and pushing all the wrong buttons...lol. They're like " oh...she sucks...good to know". Little do they know that I am just nervous, and trying too hard...lol...

Seriously, no real person in my life plays this game. How the heck do you make friends without looking like a weirdo?

I don't even know what my Free Company is talking about 1/2 the time. But, they mostly do voice chat...and I can't do that.


First off, voice chat is important, but you can also set up voice chat with your phone and a hand free device, a lot of the voice chat program has phone app for free.

Second, I do not know anyone of my static member in real life, not gonna lie it was pure luck on how I found them. They also liked my personality so it helped with getting used to the group and create great synergy. To buy cheap FFXIV Gil, SSEGOLD is your best choice.

Third, going back to the first point, voice chat really helps A LOT. There is simply no time to call mechanics with in game chat window, having voice chat improves the group's improvement drastically, and makes you less nervous.

Fourth, I believe there are forums like the official FFXIV forum has tons of recruiting posts, also do some research on different servers and see which one would fit you best. Some guild focuses on crafting, some focuses on raiding, some focuses on just chilling out. It is about networking sometimes, but you also have to check party finder from time to time and see who's recruiting, though going back to the first point again... most of them requires people to have voice chat programs.

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