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FFXIV Flying Chair: Recipe, Maerials and Characteristics

Quite unmistakably a chair that flies. Guaranteed to support the weight of even the most muscular of Roegadyn. Featuring elegant lines and designed to minimize waste, this lovingly crafted chair is bound to fly into the hearts of adventurers the world over. No assembly required.
FFXIV Flying Chair
Acquired From:Master Alchemist V
This esoteric tome─the fifth in an equally esoteric series─contains advanced alchemy recipes that can only be learned by esoterically skilled alchemists.

Required Ingredients
Cloudsbreath X8
Riviera Armchair X1

Water Cluster X30
Lightning Cluster X30

Recipe Details:
Total Crafted 1
Difficulty 11337
Durability 70
Maximum Quality 7918

Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Required: 1320
Control Required: 1220
HQ Uncraftable