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FFXIV FAQ Guide Part 4

In the past few years, I have played Final Fantasy from XI to XIV. FFXIV is such an amazing game that many young people and girls like so much. And I have write three FFXIV FAQ guides, which means I will continue to update this series of guide for all FFXIV fans.

Q: Will the FF14 Fat Chocobo fly?

A: Yes, As I have a Fat Chocobo, its body is ready to fly.

Please let sweet baby jesus move tri0disaster to Garuda and give SMN contagion, which will solve a lot of usability issue. If a AoE pet can be added, you will be forced to use Garuda as an opener because she is the most efficient way to rage strikes contagion works. Or you can force SMN to blow a swift cast to make an egi swap since some of their opener may work but I’d say it is quite poor design that as it stands players are necessary using Garuda as contagion makes her too bad to use regardless of the fact that ifruit pumps out more DPS.

Q: As WOW Alexander Hard is going to be as difficult as SCOB Savage. I hope it is be higher ceiling, is that possible?

A: I think this may be a mis-translation. As there is no FCOB savage now. In my opinion, there is indeed some difficulties of FCOB and savage. It was stated before though I don’t have a source since I knew this from one of my FFXIV friend.

Q: I found SCOB Savage is too stressful, at that time, I have a level 30 account, some variables, particularly on Melusine, are a wipe. I enjoy Darnuss Savage a bit. Because it was more of a mechanical fight than hoping for a good try. I want to forget my experience on Melusine and Avatar as soon as possible with lots of vodka. I want to get something between SCOB and FCOB Savage which would be good for my EXP.

A: As there is currently no FCB savage, you can remain the concept that the difficulty will be on par with FCOB savage. It is not a terrible stretch of the imagination if you have seen what it has to offer.

Q: Also remember that the t13 we got may not have been the original idea. Savage SCoB was the real deal build. They tweaked because they realized, no one can clear this now, so it isn't to say that savage t13 doesn't exist, it may just not be implemented because holy crap it's not possible.

A:After doing all of the fights myself, I sincerely doubt that Savage SCOB was actually the "original" fight concept. If you go through all of the Savage SCOB fights they are tuned in ways that combat player strategies used in normal mode to get around intended mechanics they devs wanted us to actually use:

T6S: Devour has a huge range and is 360, meaning you can't LoS it.

T7S: Renauds gain petrifaction resistance after only being hit once and you can't stack them like you can in normal mode.

T8S: You actually need a second tank because if you tank the Dread near the boss it gets a DET up buff and basically one shots your tank.

T9 is the only one that didn't really get a "haha, you can't use this strat anymore!" overhaul.

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