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FFXIV FAQ Guide Part 3

This is the third guide for FFXIV FAQ as I collect some quests from FFXIV facebook and forum. I want to help FF14 players to have good Final Fantasy XIV game experience.
Q1:Oftentimes I see different icons beside player names, and was wondering what those meant. I remember seeing a crooked red line, and sometimes a blue box.

A1: The blue box means they're queueing up on the Duty Finder. And I assumed the red zig zag line meant they were disconnected, but maybe i'm wrong.

From asking in game I discovered the following.
Red swords - doing Levequest
Movie film - in a cut scene
Blue hexagon - has duty finder on
Green flag - looking for party
Red cricle with zigzag - connection error
Red Chair - AFK

Q2: What are free companies in FFXIV?

A2: As we know, free companies are run by adventurer organizations that allow members to pool resources, be its items or FFXIV Gil to accomplish feats which will be hard or impossible for a single individual player. The players that submit the petition will be the master of a free company and can invite other players to join.

Q3: What are the benefits of free company in FFXIV?

A3: If you form a free company in FFXIV, you will be granted access to a company chest, which can be used for storing FFXIV items and gear to be shared with all members. Moreover, you will be able to create a company crest by increasing the ranking of your free company and you can use many company actions to benefit your members. Besides, players can buy estates upon which can be used to establish headquarters from free companies. And these companies can join in many events, for instance, large-scale-player-versus-player combat.

Q4: I have a character which focus on fishing, can I fish in high level monster district?

A4: There are different levels of fishes. The level of fish you fish is related to bait. The possibilities that can fish some fish is related to gaining ability. Furthermore, there are low level fishes in high level fishing pond.

Q5: When I leveled to 47, there are few secondary line quests so that I have to complete some FATE quests to reach the requirement of main line quest. I want to ask when I reached White Mage level 50, whether should I train Spells and some related skills? Which level should I train to get the requirement of copies? Could you give some suggestions to gathering equipment and I have 200 thousand FFXIV Gil?

A5: Yes, you should train some related skills of White Mage. The main skills are swiftcast and sure cast of Black Mage. If you want to get level 70 equipment, there are three new copies. The relic one is must. As for the FFXIV Gils, you can spend like this: to complete the main quests, complete relic quest and +1, complete the three copies to gathering level 70 equipment and get myth and combat exp, go to crystal tower to get level 80 equipment, when you can enough, fight with Baha.

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