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FFXIV Eureka Tracker: Comparing xiveureka, ffxiv-eureka and ffxiv.net

FFXIV Eureka Tracker is an important auxiliary app when playing the game. It can help us get data more easily. Then among so many Eureka Trackers throughout the internet, which one suits us more?FFXIV Eureka Tracker

Reddit fans: This one due to its clean UI, everything fits on the screen and its really easy to link to people in-game as well as they are locked by default. With just one glance you can instantly see what is up and what not without having to scroll up and down all the time. Even showing the location on the map if you forgot the spawn point.

Reddit fans: FFXIV-Eureka's password locked so that people can't edit it if you share it with the instance. I often pass the pw on to someone else who is trying to keep track of it via tells so that it continues to live on beyond my time there and share how to do it too so they in turn can pass it forward.

Reddit fans: I hope whoever owns http://ffxiv.net/ updates it since it's the only one that is messed up on it's Pazuzu CD (lists 2 hours instead of 1 hour). Definitely prefer the other two since they have nicer UI though.


Reddit fans: I prefer xiveureka but mostly because that was the first one I used. But I just use whatever one that the link being passed around in the instance is for. If no one is keeping tracking, sharing link, or its a fresh instance then I'll start one on xiveureka.

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