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FFXIV DDOS Tips: Server Issues And DDOS Attack

FFXIV have confirmed that since Jun. 16th, FFXIV have been experiencing DDoS attacks* from an anonymous third-party targeting the FINAL FANTASY XIV game servers on the NA data center, and the publisher is struggling to deal with the problem.
FFXIV technical staff is taking every possible measure to address this issue but the attack is still continuing to take place by changing their methods at every moment. FFXIV will continue to monitor and work on recovery from every possible angle.

What is a DDOS Attack?
An attack attempting to increase the server load to an extensive level by flooding the network of the targeted servers using a massive number of computers.

Due to this attack, FFXIV game servers, network equipment and network connection are being hit with heavy load at an extensive level, which is causing a disconnection from the game and login difficulties.

FFXIV technical staff is continuing to work on countermeasures for this issue.

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