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FFXIV Crafting

Some FFXIV players think Crafting is pointless. They spend lots of time training skills to combat well, defeat monsters, improve magic, etc. While they ignore and don’ t have so much incentive to get crafting to level 50. 

Why I write two guides about FFXIV Crafting? On one hand, the importance of Crafting is always ignored. On the other hand, crafting really has many benefits. This guide is to list a series of benefits to leveling Crafting.

Advantages to crafting:

Making housing items. To get the most gorgeous housing items, Crafting is the only and best way! There are two ways to get housing materials. One is to craft yourself and to pay large amounts to get off.

Making FFXIV Gil. Crafting is still one of the fastest way to farm FFXIV Gil. If you know the price of crafting items and how to sell them, you will get a fair amount of FFXIV Gil by crafting.

Making HQ Gear. If you can master crafting well, you will no longer need to rely on finding dungeon drops for the best gear as you can craft your own good gear. For instance, at that time I level my DRG from 35 to 45, I craft all of his gear. You can always in the best gear by crafting HQ gear so that you can complete quests fast and kill monsters efficiently. Besides, gear spiritbonded quick, so I could switch it out when I wanted for new gear and convert the old to material. At level 45, he get AF gear and get the rest gear till level 50.

Making food/potions. With high level crafting, you can either use raids to make food and potions r sell them for a nice amount of FFXIV Gils, which is quite profitable when you go to the Heavensward. You can get familiar with the most food as some makeup is pretty crazy considering how cheap some of the materials can be. If you know how to make portion, it is more profitable by selling them.

Repair your own gear. When all of your crafter reaches level 50, you will no long go to NPCs for repairing gear. I used to have a stack of level 99 grade 5 dark matter all times and repair at will. When you repair your own gear, you can save time and your own gear. There is no risks of gear breaking in an instance as long as you have dark material available.

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