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FFXIV Companion App Release Date: Late July 2018

Square Enix’s previously-announced companion app for Final Fantasy XIV will have a late July release date. 
FFXIV Companion App Release Date

The premium version of the app doubles saddlebag capacity and allows players to hire an additional retainer, raising the max from nine retainers to 10. Players with the premium plan will receive a bonus kupo nut every day and will be able to hang onto more kupo nuts. The app will be available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Coming Late July 2018 Available for iOS and Android

FFXIV players can use the Companion app for all sorts of things, kupo!
They can receive in-game rewards too!

Talk to your friends and plan events, kupo!

Organize your inventory wherever you are!

Market Board
For a fee of  kupo nuts or mog coins, hardworking moogles will fly to and from the markets with goods and deliver instructions to your retainers, kupo!

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