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FFXIV Command Missions Guide: Requirements, Tips and Tricks

FFXIV Command Missions is a feature of Adventurer Squadrons released in patch 4.1 of Stormblood. It allows the player to enter an dungeon with 3 unit members. While unit members have their own free will, responding as the situation demands, they can be given orders to guide their actions.
FFXIV Command Missions

Squadron Rank 2 or above
Listen to the squadron sergeant's explanation about new missions

So, with Command Missions we get to choose 3 of our little team and venture into a choice of 5 dungeons with them. They are as follows and offer so much EXP for your Squad members.

Halatali - 3000 exp
The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak - 3600 exp
Brayflox's Longstop - 4800 exp
The Stone Vigil - 6000 exp
The Wanderer's Palace 7500 exp

To start a command mission, a party of two tank and two DPS is required. This includes the player's role.
1. Select "Command missions" after speaking with the squadron sergeant.
2. Select a command mission from the list.
3. Choose the unit members you wish to take, and select "Deploy."
4. You will now enter the command mission with the selected unit members.

Tips and Tricks
The best class to play with the Squad is a tank. You don't even have to go into tank mode and can go all out attack, sometimes you may have to fight your dps for aggro but 90% you'll have it. With regular pulls, just let the squad kill what they want first and join in with them. 

1. Roll on all green and pink gear in everything you do - You're going to want as many GC seals as you can so sell these to your GC
2. Take lots of Max Potions - Your healer will need help. When you die you can't wait for a res, you need so avoid dying as it is annoying.
3. Don't worry about boss mechanics.
4. Don't go for big pulls, just take the groups they're in. 
5. Learn when to use your Squad Limit Break, you don't want it just before a dragon decides to go flying as you'll lose out on the damage buff.

The more dungeons you do, the more tactics the squad will learn, I set mine all to Offensive including the healer, and now they're dealing 60% extra damage making for extra runs, below is what they get for Full Mastery with each tactic

Independent - +20% HP, +20% Damage Dealt, -20% Damage Received 
Offensive - +60% Damage Dealt
Defensive - +30% HP, -30% Damage Received
Balanced - +30% HP, +30% Damage Dealt

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