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FFXIV character Attributes and job Attributes

Different races start off with different base attributes.This article is to introduce FFXIV characterist Attributes and job Attributes.

Strength is short for STR. It is the primary damage dealing stat for melee classes, pugilist, lancer, gladiator and marauder, and jobs, dragoon, warrior and paladin. STR is to increase the amount of damage you mitigate when you block or parry an enemy attack.

Dexterity is short for DEX. It is the primary damage dealing stat for Archer, Bard, Rogue and Ninja. Higher DEX means higher attack power. DEX is to increase the rate of your block and parry. The higher your DEX is, the more likely to block or parry an enemy attack.

Vitality is short for VIT. It is the primary defensive stat for tanking classes and jobs such as marauder and gladiator. Higher vitality means high HP.

Intelligence is short for INT. It is the primary offensive stat for spell casting classes and jobs like conjurer and arcanist and thaumaturge. The higher intelligence means to higher Attack Magic Potency and more magic damage your spells will do.

Mind is the primary healing stat for healers like Conjurer, Scholar and White Mage. Higher Mind is corresponding to higher Healing Magic Potency and more healing spells will do.

Piety can deal with damage from physical and magic attack. Also, it can be used to recover Magic. Higher Piety means to higher MP. More MP let you to cast more spells during combat. It is a useful stat for Disciples of Magic classes and spell-casting jobs.

Health Points is short for HP. Your HP will decrease with your damage taking. When your HP reaches zero, you will die. Once you die, you have to resurrected by return or raise to your Home Point.

Magic Point is short for magic points.As you cast spells, your MP will decrease. You cannot cast any spells if your MP reach 0. If the MP cost of a spell is greater than your remaining MP, you cannot cast that spell. MP regenerates overtime.

Tactical Point is short for TP. TP are required to use your weaponskills and the ability sprint. As you use weaponskills, and the ability sprint. Your TP gets decreases.