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FFXIV Callback Campaign Ends on January 4

The Callback Campaign is scheduled to end on Thursday, January 4.If your friends are taking a break, don't miss this chance to invite them back for fantastic new adventures in Stormblood, and earn special rewards if you meet the campaign requirements!

* Friends can be invited to return via the friends list in-game until Thursday, January 4. Players invited to return must do so within 30 days of the campaign's end to receive rewards.

How to Participate Callback Campaign
Select an offline friend from your in-game friends list or free company member list, then select Invite Friend to Return from the subcommand menu. Provided your friend meets the requirements of the campaign, they will receive an e-mail indicating you wish to invite them back to play FINAL FANTASY XIV.

The Calamity Salvager NPC can be found in any of the following locations:
Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks - Calamity Salvager: X: 11.3  Y: 14.3
Old Gridania - Calamity Salvager: X: 10 Y: 8.4
Ul'dah, Steps of Thal - Calamity Salvager: X: 12.6  Y: 13.1

Players to be invited to return must have a service account that has been inactive for at least 90 days (including the free play period). Those who fail to meet this requirement will not receive an e-mail even if they have been invited to return.
Players to be invited to return must have purchased and registered FINAL FANTASY XIV to their service account.

Each character registered to a service account can be used to invite friends up to five times. (The number of invitations allowed for each character will be reset after thirty days.)
Invitation e-mails will include the name of the character used to send the invitation and the World on which they reside.
Invitation e-mails will be sent once per day. In the event multiple players send invitations to the same character on the same day, a single e-mail will be sent listing the character names of all inviters.
Invitation e-mails will not be sent to players who do not meet the requirements of the campaign. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee recipients will receive invitation e-mails.
You will not be notified of whether or not the intended recipient meets the requirements of the campaign.

In-game Rewards
5 Gold Chocobo Feathers. Items you can trade for with gold chocobo feathers:Twintania Neurolink Key, Amber Draught Chocobo Whistle, Managarm Horn, Rare Dye x5 and Aetheryte Ticket x10.

Rewards for players who are invited to return: 7 Days of Free Play, Aetheryte Ticket x 99, 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers. 
Items you can trade for with silver chocobo feathers:Weapons for level 20 characters (Item level 22), Equipment for level 50 characters (Item Level 120), Equipment for level 60 characters (Item Level 230) and Equipment for level 60 characters (Item Level 260).