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FFXIV Beta Phase 3 is Coming in mid-August with New Classes Added

The beta phase 2 of Final Fantasy XIV will come to a close at 17:00 (PDT) on Wednesday, August 4th, with phase 3 (Beta 3) scheduled to begin mid-August. Suqare Enix has confirmed that beta phase 3 will be adding new classes, new features such as linkshells, and a host of other adjustments and changes based on the feedback they have received thus far.

The following is just a selection of what's in store for the next phase of testing.


  • Significant adjustments to mouse controls
  • Changes to the item menu display and controls for equipping gear
  • The implementation of the following features:
    • Linkshells
    • Text commands
    • Auto-complete/auto-translation dictionary
    • Player macros
  • Event-related

    • Local levequests will once again be available
    • A sound effect and on-screen message will accompany the completion of a quest
    • Completed quests will be recorded in the quest journal
  • Battle-related

    • Changes to animations, effects, and combat speed
    • Passive /Active mode will be toggled automatically when speaking to an NPC or locking on to a monster
    • Players will be able to select either a single target or an area effect when casting spells
    • Adjustments to balance guildleve rewards versus monster strength
    • Various adjustments to overall battle balance

    Full details will be announced in the Version Update Details section of the Beta Test Site on the day Beta 3 commences. Related updates to the manual will also be posted on the Beta Test Site.

    NOTE: All character data will be deleted at the end of Beta 2. All character profiles, images, and blogs on the Players' Site will also be deleted at this time. Testers can continue to provide feedback on the Beta.