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FFXIV beginners FAQ guide Part 2

This is a guide for FFXIV beginners. I usually collect some questions that most beginners asked and find the solutions for you. If you really have questions, please read our FFXIV beginners FAQ guide Part series.
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Q: What version should I update in order to change the character’s appearance or facial and race?
A: The appearance and race can’t be modified in game so far, so be careful and take it into consideration when choosing at the beginning. However, when you charge the card in the second month, you will be gifted with a chance for modifying the character by official site. Please be careful as only one chance!

Q: Can I skip the animation in game?
A: Yes, except for the beginning, which is used to introducing the story background. Most of the animation in main quest line can be skipped. One method is to press”ESC” when there is a “skip” button in the right-bottom corner, and press number key “0” and then a dialog box appears. You have a dialogue with this box so you can skip the animation. Remember that it is no use to click mouse when the “skip” appears. The other method is to press “ESC” twice and the dialog box shows, the below steps is the same with the first one.

Q: How to get Heavens' Eye mounts if I have enough  Crystal Chronicles?
A: As long as you have charged for 90 days, a Heavens' Eye mount will be sent to you. But if you use Crystal Chronicles, you may get it after you use over all of them. In terms of me, I used cash to charge a game card for 120 days to get one.

Q: After level 10, chocobo system get automatically unlocked. Could I only get from field camp to main city? And only crystal can transfer between two field camps?
A: The answers are YES.

Q: Normally, when leveled to 20+, players can get chocobo. Why some players can get chocobo at level 10? And where can I buy one?
A: Those players who have chocobo at level 10 may switch their job as only big accounts can have chocobo.

Q: I have just leveled to 15, should I follow the main line or train the second job for the later JOB firstly? Besides, if I choose the wrong job, can I ask for any NPC to delete it?
A: For following the main line or train the second job, I think both of them are okay. As for choosing the wrong job, it is no need to delete, just leave it alone and don’t switch to it as you can learn all the jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.
Q: How should I choose video card and CPU if I want all the effects are on when play in party?
A: - Operating system: Windows 7/8 64-bit;
 - Processor: Intel Core i5 level or higher;
 - Memory: no less than 4GB;
 - Hard disk: Available space of disk not less than 20GB;
 - Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7950 or higher;
 - Resolution: not less than 1920 * 1080
 - Sound Card: support DirectSound, compatible with DirectX 9.0C.

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