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FFXIV beginners FAQ guide Part 1

This is a guide for FFXIV beginners. I collect some questions that most beginners asked and find the solutions for you guys.
Q: Can I choose the server for my FFXIV game play? EU Server or JP sever?
A: Which serve you should register only matters with your CD key and method of you payment. After you have registered, you can go to any server as long as like. it may happens you are in JP or EURO or US server.

Q: If this, how about the client? if I can't read Japanese, can I play on JP server?
A: Similar to above, the language of the client is not related with the server you play. You can use English client opens the Japanese serve.

Q:I got it. Japanese can't communicate with American. and I can only speak English, how can we talk?
A:There is a function on Duty Finder for you to choose the language of the player that you want to party, which means though you are on JP server, you can party with EU or US player!


Q: What does the meaning it says "2146697211 FIX"?
A: It means you should change VPN or IP.

Q: When I choose character, it teleports "3102", what can I do?
A: When it shows "3102", it is time to repair . If it happens again and again, then you try again and again. Nothing can help you, just do it.

Q:When I open Final Fantasy XIV client, it shows it stops running, how can I do?
A:Please switch to another language to have a try. This happens usually to remind you of password reset!

Q: May I ask where can I turn off automatically adjustment of the camera?
A: character configuration->control settings->Standard Type Camera Auto-adjustment->never

Q: Why can some players get Chocobo and other mounts at level 10 ?
A: This is because of their vice job. As long as they can get Chocobo in their main job, they can get Chocobo and mounts at level 1 in their vice job.

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