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FFXIV astrologian guide 2017:Mechanic damage and Fluff damage

The first thing to know before we begin to talk about Astrologian is how healing in FFXIV works. In this game all healers have very strong heals capable of bringing a player from. Astrologian's main weapon is the Star Globe. The job starts from level 30, does not require a base class and requires Heavensward. 
FFXIV astrologian guide
1 hp to full in a matter of 1-2 gcds. The damage players take in this game comes in two types "mechanic damage" and "fluff damage".  Mechanic damage is mainly what you will need to plan your heals around as a healer.  

Mechanic damage includes but is not limited to: Cleaves, AoEs, and Tank busters.  Fluff damage is the constant small amount of damage the tank and the rest of the party take (i.e. AAs). Fluff damage will mainly be taken care of by HoTs and a faerie. This means that most threatening damage in this game can be planned around.

When you first go into a fight, you will want to gauge how much damage the tanks will take; and then how much you will need to heal. During this time there will be a lot of testing to try and find where are the ideal spots for all of your CD. Once you get more comfortable with the fight your goal should be to optimize cooldowns between tanks and healers to allow maximum cleric stance uptime, while at the same time minimizing tank stance use. This coordination is important for optimizing tank and healer dps in a group, tanks should be trying to use immunities as much as possible, and healers should be trying to fit in their abilities to minimize healing gcds required. 

Proper holmgang use from a WAR can be the difference between needing 2-3 heals on the tank vs only needing to ED him. It is important to coordinate with your group and maximize. If you are looking for any cheap ffxiv gil, please use coupon “YTB” to enjoy VIP discount 5% off on ssegold.com.