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FFXIV 4.2 Recommencement of Automatic Housing Release Date End of January

In light of the hurricanes that hit the U.S. and the Caribbean in September, the automatic demolition of estates was suspended. However, after careful consideration, ffxiv have decided to resume auto-demolition with the release of patch 4.2.

* Please be advised there is a possibility the timer will be suspended again at a later date should the need arise.

Scheduled Patch Release Date
End of January, 2018 
* The exact date and time for the maintenance coinciding with the patch release will be announced at a later time.

Auto-Demolition Counter and Current Home Owners
The counter for auto-demolition may be reset for certain estates depending on the usage of housing during the period when housing was suspended.

For players that have accessed housing at least once during the suspension period. 

The auto-demolition timer will be reset for the following players:
Free company leaders and members who entered their company estate at least once.
Private estate owners who have entered their company estate at least once. 

The count for days of inactivity for the aforementioned players will begin with the release of patch 4.2.
For players that have not accessed housing during the suspension period.

The auto-demolition timer will resume from the time remaining as of Friday, September 15, 2017 at 1:10 a.m. (PDT).

Please be advised that the timer will resume immediately after patch data is made available during the scheduled maintenance for patch 4.2. Because of this, there is a possibility the auto-demolition timer may expire for certain estates before maintenance has ended. For those players whose estate will be prepared for auto-demolition within ten days of the scheduled maintenance, an e-mail notification will be delivered to the e-mail address registered to their Square Enix account. SseGold strongly suggest those players log in and access their housing before the scheduled maintenance for patch 4.2.
* The e-mail notification will be delivered to the registered e-mail addresses of all free company estate owners and their free company members, as well as private estate owners.

Confirming Time Until Auto-Demolition
For players who have not accessed their estate in at least thirty days, the status under the Estate tab of the Timers window will indicate the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition and denote the number of days remaining. This status will no longer be displayed upon accessing the estate.