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FFXIV 4.1 release date and notes prediction

FFXIV 14-hour broadcast activities.The live stream will a two-part special previewing patch 4.1. We summed up some news and FFXIV official interviews got some information about patch 4.1 release date and notes prediction.

FFXIV 4.1 Release date Prediction
FFXIV 4.1 is planned for about 3.5 months after launch. So it should be early October. Oct 3rd or 10th would put it squarely inline with most 3.x patches (105/112 days from the previous patch). But housing might not be released until later in patch 4.1x, so it could be a month or more after that.

FFXIV Patch 4.1 notes prediction

Pre Patch 4.1 will see small scale updates (PVP Adjustments).
More ways for you to utilize clan mark logs and GC currencies, like exchange for more things and so on.
There might be plans to implement upgrades to your Weathered (In English: Antiquated) job quest equipment (those you received from job quests) in the future. 
They are starting to focus in doing something about (the core system of) Glamours.
They want to expand on inventory slots/ the amount of items you can hold, and also have smartphone app features linked to the game.
4.1 will see friend list registration on different servers, along with Tell feature usable cross server.
A "group chat"-ish feature will see its implementation on patch 4.2. Currently in works.
4.1 content feature in the upcoming PLL may be introduced almost without holding back, so all of it will be disclosed.
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