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FFXIV 4.05 patch preview: change tank and change balance

On the Final Fantasy XIV site, there is a new mini preview of the new location where update 4.05 will come on Tuesday Tuesday. What kind of balance change will be made in 4.05?People think that their main job needs to be done to balance them. I mainly play the role of Paladin.
FFXIV 4.05 patch preview
Paladin: Decrease the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit and increase the MP cost.
My visually paladin should be the top in terms of defense and mitigation. So, it is dps that should be suffering. The only truth I could think of was the Holy Spirit. With respect to the increase in MP cost, it only tries Paladins to use Clemency while having Requadcat, not necessarily blowing away all MPs to the Holy Spirit.
Increase shield vow damage to 20%

Cross Roll: Delete Rumpert from Cross Roll System and add Dark Mind.

Most of the skills added to the cross roll system were selectively used niche skills. So why lamppart? Each tank already had the ability to fulfill its role. The only thing that it does is to make Warriors a tank of Deliverance. Regarding dark minds, it is a rarely used niche ability and it is terrible against magical damage, so combatants will benefit from magic according to the situation far better than lampmart.

About the DPS low of DPS balun
Especially attention is focused on the damage of the samurai and various comparisons are done between jobs, but as a development team, it is necessary to make adjustments so that the damages will be lined up side by only the numerical value at the time of hitting the enemies with solo We do not do.
The policy is as follows.
I will not receive anyone's support Dameji that can be delivered by only one job (damage by itself)
The degree of being influenced by Gimuk (jobs that receive effects are slightly higher for individual messages, slightly lower if you want to receive)
Damage damage raised by other players by action to raise party member's damage at full party
The policy is to consider the top three items and make them as side by side as possible.

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