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Faxion Online Reveals Multi-class System

UTV True Games just revealed some details about the special-designed multi-class system for Faxion Online. With multi-class system, you can pick up the abilities or characteristics from other classes for your class that you choose at the beginning. This is an exciting feature for those who love to try combination and customization.

Faxion Online isn't the kind of game that tries to throw class away. The game has 6 very traditional classes(each faction has 3 classes) which clearly define your role(fighter, mage, or healer) in the game. Although you don't have too many freedoms at the character creation stage, you will be free to develop your character in the following gameplay. The class you select at the very beginning is a base class that determines your character's initial set of skills and abilities. As you move ahead in the game you will be able to train your character into a second class's line of abilities and even a third.

If someone should want to play a Druid-like character they can create a Guardian who undertakes training from the Diviner and Crusader classes. If they want to be that evil-aligned Cleric they've been running in their table-top campaign for years they should start as a Zealot and then learn from the Reavers how best to wield a weapon, turning their character into an armored healer that fights alongside weapon toting derelicts of hell. How about that Battlemage; duel-wielding blades and casting meteor storms? Read the full article on Faxion website

Faxion Online is free to play MMORPG with more competitive actions and less grinds. The game will enter Closed Beta later this month (sign up for CBT here).