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Fans expect the elder scrolls 6

As you all know, the elder scrolls 5: the skyrim has been published for almost 6 years, and the fans are very much looking forward to the next game, the elder scrolls 6. But we know very little about the elder scrolls 6 at the moment. The Elder Scrolls VI should be released this year, according to the progress of the Bethesda development game. However, after experiencing the development of radiation 4 and the development of other games, Bethesda did not have enough manpower and resources to invest in the development of the elder scroll 6.

Bethesda director Todd Howard in an interview with foreign media Glixel said before: we know that the Elder Scrolls 6 is very important for fans, but we need to be cautious about the expectations of fans, the game is definitely the future we will develop (scale). From this we can see that at present, the elder scroll 6 has a preliminary framework as a whole.

There are quite a lot of rumors that the Elder Scrolls 6 will be the elder scrolls 5: the skyrim’s extend. Even a lot of players  are happy about it, after all, "the elder scrolls 5" is very successful. But this is really what we want? Bethesda marketing director Pete Hines, "the elder scrolls 6" will be designed as a sequel to "sky" some "too simple", is not what they want. Therefore, "the Elder Scrolls 6" not the simple extend of the "elder scrolls 5" .It has to be a whole new place. And our players are also in great need of the release of the elder scrolls 6.