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Explore the World and Discover Treasures in Ubisoft's Adventure MMO

Dreaming of exploring the unknown place like Indiana Jones, or challenging puzzles and traps like Lara Croft? Ubisoft's adventure MMO Treasure Hunter Institute allows you to do that, what's more it allows you to do that with your friends. The game, made by Ubisoft Bucharest, is kind of geocaching game that gives you a large open world to explore and tons of secrets and puzzles to test your instinct and thinking ability. The game is free to play and it's currently in the Beta stage. You can sign up on its website.

You can hunt for treasures and undiscovered relics solely or with a group of other players. You'll use different devices during the adventure: GPS, compass, metal detector, shovel, just name some of them here. You may find some NPCs around and by talking to them you may get useful hints. If you dig out some parts that are not what you want, you can sell them to others, and perhaps, the guy you trade with has exactly what you need. To get new tool, or upgrade them you should go to the shop. You can download new adventures from the game's website to continue your hunting.