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Experience Share about FFXI VS FFXIV

I played XI from 2003 to 2012. Logged in well over 800 days. I literally grew with that game. Made long time friends I occasionally visit and I'm reminded of certain places in the game here and there. FFXI was the icing on the cake to a great life! Never a dull moment always something to do and NMs to kill!

I played ffxi for 9 years I fought endless epic battles, farmed HNM's created memories with people. I'll never meet irl, and then one day it felt right, my character Soul runner seemed just a little too tired maybe it was the way her shoulders slumped just a little more than usual, maybe it was being turned down one too many times for Adoulin content for gear score or lack of experience due to said gear score limitations. The adventures and hardships and work and play all felt like an immense weight, so I took her to her favorite place in the game looked around one last time and said good bye. A couple years later I came to FFXIV and felt inspired in the character creation screen bit by bit detail by detail soul runner was reborn her spirit channeled into a new world until Califera Mikayori was born into Faerie, as I took the reigns for the first time and focused in on her face her ear twitched and I swear she smiled and winked. Old friends in a new world now I crawl the new world she calls home and FFXI will never be home again, because she is not there anymore now she is here, I'm sad to see Vanadiel is at an end there were good times and bad but this is a whole new world and everything that matters is here with me now.

Ended up quitting FFXIV after about a year as I couldn't keep up with the time demand. Played XI for about 9 years with small breaks from when I was 11 years old, and it's still my favorite game and near and dear to my heart. Neat to see a collaboration between the two. If you want to buy FFXIV gil, SSEGOLD has discount sales!

I have so many great memories playing XI smile emoticon Started back in 2004, made so many friends (some that to this day I consider among my closest friends IRL even if we don't live close enough to see each other as often as we'd like, and who I play XIV and other games with) I even met my husband who we've been together now for 10 years, married 7 with two kids in the arch of Lower Jeuno. I hope FFXIV can look to XI for ideas, there were lots of fun activities that they could put a spin on and improve to fit into the current state of MMO. Variety is the spice of life, we need more activities to keep XIV interesting.