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Evaluation on Rocket League

As a game media with long history, IGN are always keeping their own reservation and pride, however, they changed their rating for a game which was rated two years ago. Yes, IGN evaluated the "Rocket League" again unexpectedly and rated it with a high score 9.3 last month. IGN said players have better game experience than they had in the initial version and a nice creativity has been developed into a amazing production by the production group.

  You will have trouble in making an accurate orientation for the "Rocket League". This game obviously concludes two elements of the popular three categories of games in Europe and America. But its actual content and simple in competing for speed are different from the football game, in spite of playing style or operate handle feeling are totally different from the general ball game . To be precise, it is kicking the ball with driving.

 "Rocket League" is a wonderful free game. All game content is concentrated into a match which only lasts 5 minutes and you will feel the best pleasure of the speed and compete, experiencing exciting of the soaring adrenergic. There is no ruler and limitation during the match, and your automobile even can break out the gravity or pile up other players'. All you have to master in game are accelerator, speeding up and jump then let the ball which is bigger than you get into the door and get scores.

 But "Rocket League" shows two sides of the simpleness and complexity. You will find that you can play this game well without experience and basics but will also have difficulty in making the car and ball in the stadium as obtrusive as the mouse in the hand. It has simple rules but abstruse skills.

 Depending on these features , though "Rocket League" looks like distortion, it owns rigorous physical engine and gorgeous pictures, showing a fantasy experience by including  competitiveness and entertainment. There is no doubt that this game is a good and mature competitive game.