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ESO's Upcoming DLC At PAX West

Will you be in Seattle during PAX West? If yes, there is a surprise waiting for you: you can be among the first to go hands on with The Elder Scrolls Online's next installment in the Season of the Dragon.

Because Dragonhold and Update 24 will be made playable to PAX West attendees next weekend at Zenimax Online Studios' community event in Seattle, you can begin your journey in Southern Elsweyr, and participate in partake in ESO themed treats and more.

When: August 31 from 5PM PDT until 9PM PDT

Where: The First & Bell, 2218 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

ESO's Upcoming DLC At PAX West

During this event, you can play ESO: Dragonhold and Update 24, enjoy free food and drinks. In addition, you can also have the chance to get giveaways, including Elsweyrcollectible coins, Moon-Sugar Soda, and codes for this year’s convention-exclusive Hot-Blooded Bantam Guar pet! At last, you can ask questions about the event and members of both the ESO community and dev teams can answer them for you.

Well, the Elder Scrolls Online has matured a lot since release. Hope you can  enjoying it daily.