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ESO Orsinium Celebration event guide

As we all know, ESO Orsinium Celebration Event Starts August 8th. You can earn many rewards during this event, such as:

Double items harvested from crafting nodes (Raw ore, Wood etc)

Double rewards from Maelstorm Arena, this does include MAELSTORM weapons, so you will now earn 2 weapons upon completion of the arena! Great time to grind for the weapons

Double amount of reward boxes upon completion of Wrothgar’s daily quests

ESO Orsinium Celebration event

There are some additional rewards to this event: Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Styles and Orsinium Furnishings. It means that whenever you complete a run through the Maelstorm Arena during the event, you have a chance of receiving a Maelstorm Weapon outfit style page. If you complete it on Veteran difficulty this reward is a guarantee! And you can find the Maelstorm Arena in the North-East of Wrothgar!

So how to get event tickets?

Well, you can complete a Wrothgar Delve Daily or a Wrothgar World Boss Daily to get your tickets. Easy, right?

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