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ESO: Morrowind new trial: The Halls of Fabrication

ESO Morrowind expansion is coming on June 6. Together with it is a brand new trial: The Hall of Fabrication. This is a 12-player-group change, an exciting new PVE content. 

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Players will find new mechanics that are unlike any they've ever seen before in the game according to Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan. It's themed around nature and there are requirements for specific roles and a "high level of team organization".

        The Halls of Fabrication will have five bosses to overcome, each with challenging new mechanics that you'll need to learn. In addition to this, there are fewer enemies between each boss fight, meaning you'll be moving from boss to boss relatively quickly.

Of course there will be amazing rewards for those who take on and defeat the challenges presented by The Halls of Fabrication. There will be four all-new armor sets that can grant a boon to nearby allies when you use an ultimate.

TO know more about this new content, please go to the Elder Scrolls Online offcial site.

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